They discover a strange underground staircase in the Ruins of Giza

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Located in an area restricted to the public in the region of the Giza plateau, something incredible was discovered, we are talking about a strange staircase in the middle of the desert, whose end is uncertain, it is not known where it ends and why it was built.Strange underground staircase discovered in the ruins of Giza

The mystery, is there likely to be a fourth pyramid at Giza?

Many researchers have long studied the possibility of a fourth pyramid on the Giza plateau, which, if it existed, would have been built by Dyedefra, son of Khufu.

Some time later, it was discovered that this pyramid actually existed, and it is located in an area that is currently not accessible to the public, as it is a military training area. Currently, there are only ruins of this pyramid, which is said to be much taller than the  Great Pyramid of Giza  .

In the same sense, this discovery generated protests among Egyptologists, who want to deepen the study of the site.

The strange underground stairs

In this military zone, where the remains of the fourth pyramid are found, according to a video posted on YouTube on the Mystery History channel, a mysterious staircase in the middle of the desert, which extends below the ground.

The strange underground stairs

Until now, it is not really known where this strange staircase leads, it is believed that it extends very deep into the plateau, and that it leads to an ocean of underground water.

VIDEO CREDITS:  MisteriosOcultosTv

To conclude, it seems that the Giza plateau continues to have some mysteries for the human being today, in any case, we will have to wait for more research to be done in this regard, to know the origin of this ladder, its function and where it leads, it is said that it may be related to the fourth pyramid.

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