A Pilot Spotted a Strange Red Glow Over The Atlantic Ocean

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A pilot over the Atlantic reportedly noticed a strange red glow, according to a post on Reddit. Photographs show the mysterious crimson light. Moreover, footage of it was obtained. Reddit users can’t get enough of the terrifying image.

The post claimed that the pilot had never seen the red glows evident in the picture, which led to other explanations being put up by other users. Before taking off, the pilot saw a strong red-orange light, which was verified when he viewed a photo preview on the camera’s rear. Kilometers in all directions were supposed to be nothing but an endless ocean.

One Reddit user commented on the current occurrence, saying, “Perhaps fishing vessels have never grouped so much to focus so much light? Three potential situations. 1. There are only small concentrations of fish. 2. After exhausting the Pacific, Chinese fishing boats are now factory fishing in the Atlantic. 3. China’s factory fishing method has been adopted by fishing vessels operating in the Atlantic. These are all undesirable consequences. I wish those fish luck. Some individuals even dared to predict the end of the world in response to this phenomena.


“That’s it, if I remember correctly, the original DOOM game was set in 2022. The devils are present here. Another Reddit user said, “This is it. One clever commenter cracked the joke, “It’s so scorching right now that flames are beginning in the water.” It has frequently been likened to Stranger Things. The redditor said, “Dustin is trying to open a doorway to an upside-down universe — it’s literally Watergate.”

JPC pilot Van Heyst noted a same occurrence in 2014. The pilot stated, “I flew a 747-8 from Hong Kong to Anchorage during the night of August 24–25, 2014.” “One of the oddest things in my life happened to me as I was flying over the wide Pacific Ocean, somewhere southeast of the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka. We were flying at a comfortable 34,000 feet around five hours into our journey, with Japan well behind us and Alaska being approximately four and a half hours distant. The pilot reported that he overheard air traffic control discussing sabotage due to severe earthquakes in San Francisco with other aircraft

He continued by describing what he had seen in the sky. “Ahead of us, I observed a bright reddish-orange light, which was verified when I checked the photo preview on the back of my camera. For hundreds of miles around us, there was supposed to be nothing but an infinite ocean below. “At first glance, they appeared to be a small village or a fleet of traditional Asian squid fishing boats, but that wasn’t plausible at these location. The pilot recalled, “The lights we saw were considerably larger than your normal city or bunch of boats, but they also shone red and orange instead of the typical yellows and whites that cities or ships create. The glow became stronger as we drew nearer, engulfing the clouds and sky below us with a terrifying orange glow reminiscent of a sizable ground fire. when there should have just been water, in a region of the planet.” Could the recent observation be connected to this peculiar occurrence? The researchers who take on this task will still not know the answer to this issue.

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