The Race of the Pygmies, Hyperborean, and the Inner Earth

Chưa phân loại

In the image below, to the left, is Mercator’s map (1595), which not only depicts what could very well be the remains of Hyperborea, but also seems to imply that a race of pygmies once densely packed populated the regions of Canada and the arctic regions, where four rivers intersect.

On one of the large islands that appear in the center of this map of the Arctic, it is clearly written above the legend:

“Pygmae hic habitant 4 ad summum pedes longi, quaemadmodum illi quos in Greenland Screlingers vocant.”

Translation: “Here live pygmies, at most 4 feet tall, who are like the so-called Scraelings in Greenland.”

Who were these people who are mentioned as being just 4 feet tall, and where did they come from ? On the back of the Mercator map a legend reads:

“The waters of these 4 arms of the sea were thrown towards the abyss with such violence that no wind is strong enough to extract the vessels again once they have entered; the wind is, however, never enough to activate the arms of a corn mill.”

Written on the map, Mercator explains that ocean waters rush inward, toward the center, between the islands, to the pole, where they sink deep into the earth.

On the right is a detail of the Carta Marina (“map of the sea” in Latin), which was created in Rome, and drawn by the Swedish ecclesiastic Olaus Magnus in 1527-1539. Magnus describes the Greenland pygmies as small in stature but big in heart


Pliny the Elder tells us that:
“Beyond here, in the most peripheral mountainous region, we are told of the Three-Span and Pygmy men, who do not exceed three spans, that is, twenty-seven inches in height; the climate is salutary and always spring-like.”Assuming the myths are true, where are the entrances to the inner earth, and what races live inside ?