The Chinese government has found an alien laboratory. No, seriously, this is real.

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So the Chinese government have closed off an area that has been given the status of Alien laboratory and has been taken so seriously that the Chinese government have decided to close it off and put a patrol around it with a no press allowed to enter. This is a true anomaly and has got the whole conspiracy world on alert. It is going to be big if the people get this out and hopefully the mass media will get it on the top press? Please share this.

The Chinese government has found an alien laboratory. No, seriously, this is real. After finding the remains of what the government deemed to be the extraterrestrial science lab, the Chinese government immediately cracked down on the discovery.

The communist regime wants to keep this recent phenomenon hidden from the world, with good reason. The Chinese people have been repressed for almost eighty years by their government and to introduce this latest finding, would cause an uproar domestically for the Chinese government.

What is even more astounding is the fact that the common Chinese citizens had no idea what was truly going on in today’s day and age. Of course, this notion is also easily understood. Again, this goes back to the repressive nature of the communists in control.

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The Chinese people cannot educate themselves on issues that the communist regime deem to be inappropriate or detrimental to the Chinese state. This would include all of the matters that concern the possibility of life beyond our earth or even Alien life on this planet.

After all is said and done, this raises multiple questions for the average outsiders with regards to this news report. First and foremost, is this an elaborate attempt to undermine the Chinese government? Perhaps, this is just a ruse to undermine the official’s intelligence and prank the Chinese government, a jester’s protest, of sorts…

Secondly, what do the Chinese Communist official’s think about this situation? Major issues within China are dealt with in a shroud of secrecy from the common citizens of the longest-tenured communist government.

The third and perhaps the most important question is this, does extraterrestrial life exist? With findings such as this laboratory in China, it’s hard to argue against the concrete truth that intelligent life does not exist and does not have an interest in exploring our earth, just as we have the interest in exploring the outer reaches of the cosmos.

Now, this is where it get’s upside down and inside out? This is ancient technology from Aliens of an age when the world looked nothing like it does now? This is futuristic technology then and still it is futuristic technology now, even though it is ancient, to us now! Right, easy.

So to have a lab on Earth must mean something like mineral exploration or colonisation experiments must be explored in the lab? There is quite literally many reasons why Aliens would have a lab here on Earth? Is it a lab to assess other Aliens of their same species on how living in space is affecting their bodies and or minds?

Like an outpost for rest, recuperation and leisurely activities? But obviously the most interesting theory must go to DNA experiments and or to combine or even expand human/Alien species to create another new species altogether?

Back down to Earth, this may turn out to be a humans laboratory that is just way ahead of his/her time doing things that without any knowledge of him/her now would look very Alien in origins?

Take for example, Leonardo Da Vinci. If not one person had ever heard of him and just today all his work, experimants and everything he did was uncovered, it would look like an Alien hybrids doing. That’s all this could be?

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