Whistleblower claims moon is habitable – it has over 250 million humanoid aliens

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A new statement has been issued by the former CIA pilot known as John Lear, claiming that the Moon is habitable after all, and if that wasn’t enough, he also claimed that it is currently being inhabited by over 250 million aliens. These aliens range from gray aliens to reptilians and more, and they are all spying on our every move.

He talked about how astronomers have already started locating holographic projections on the surface of the Moon, which points to this all being a hoax after all and the Moon being habitable after all.

He shows everyone the pictures of the Moon and even made sure to add statements that explain each of the pictures here. His image of the observatory on the Moon is by far the most interesting as it dates from 1947 and clearly shows an alien structure on the Moon.

He told us how the Moon was created inside Jupiter over 40 million years ago, and how it became trapped in Earth’s orbit soon after.

The inhabitants of the Moon soon emerged, and the Moon itself is a huge laboratory of some sort in which they are experimenting with us.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also proclaimed that we are not here of our own volition, but that we are actually prisoners on this planet, after all, destined never to leave the confines of our own planet.

Watch the video:

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