Latest Video of The Mysterious Black Knight Alien Satellite in Space

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The Black Knight is an artificial extraterrestrial satellite orbiting the Earth that has been in orbit for approximately 13.000 years.

The satellite’s narrative is essentially a recollection of different stories and interpretations. All of these have been carefully documented and analyzed professionally.

The Black Knight’s origins can be traced back as far as 1889 when Nikola Tesla’s radio experiments accidentally discovered it. Jorgen Hals, an amateur radio broadcaster, discovered it in Oslo (Norway) in 1928

Donald Keyhoe, a ufologist, said to journalists in 1954 that two satellites were discovered by the US Air Force. It was impossible, as no country has the technology to launch such a satellite. TIME reported that in 1960, the US Navy discovered a strange object believed to be from the Soviet Union. However, an article revealed that it was actually the remains of an Air Force Discoverer VIII satellite.

The mysterious Black Knight object kept resurfacing in the years to come, as was the case in 1963, when astronaut Gordon Cooper reported a UFO-related experience. This was confirmed by the tracking station. Duncan Lunan in 1973 investigated radio echoes that were received by Hals. He speculated they might have come from an extraterrestrial probe orbiting Earth 13,000 years old.

This video will help you learn more.

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