2,400-year-old Bomb Shelters, Ancient Bunkers, In Case Of Atomic War Discovered In India

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Another fabulous discovery made in the state of Bihar, India. It seems that at a distance of about 22 miles near the town of Gaya, 2 artificial caves were found. According to researchers, they were artificially created 2,400 years ago. Depending on how accurate the inscriptions on the cave walls are, we can say that a type of Buddhists or Hindus once lived in those caves.

The only thing in these caves that puzzles researchers are the perfectly thick arches and how smooth the walls are, things that are extremely well defined for the period they are part of.

Considering the history we know, we must specify that the only explanation would be the use of a technology that we do not know. Otherwise, it would be virtually impossible just to imagine that these structures could really have been built then only with what we know now

In some theories, these caves are seen as being built as a shelter for bombs, a kind of bunker in the eminence of an atomic war.

These theories raise questions for who would have been able to build them and where he had the necessary technology, if there was even a threat of atomic bombs at that time or if these caves could actually be built by ancient and distant civilizations.

Written in Sanskrit, the Mahabharata epic is composed of stories describing mysterious beings who had advanced technology in ancient India. In addition, Ramanaya makes a clear reference to a possible nuclear explosion having as the period 10,000 BC.

Clear evidence that some places on Earth seem to have suffered from a nuclear explosion is the fascinating site Mohenjo Daro


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