US Congressman Has Real UFO Photos, Says It’s ‘Disturbing’ & Blamed Pentagon For Cover-Up

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Congressman Tim Burchett, a Republican representing Tennessee has stunned the world with his UFO statement. Mr. Burchett staunchly supported UAP disclosure and called the UFO hearing a “joke” that took place on May 17, 2022. He expressed his frustration about the lack of information the Department of Defense could accumulate on 144 reported sightings since 2004. He claimed to have seen things that he believes might be disturbing for many and said it is a government cover-up.

Congressman Tim Burchett, 58, took office in January 2019 after serving eight years as a mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. During his administration, he cut debt, kept tax rates low, and paid for a new elementary school without adding debt. Prior to his tenure as Knox County Mayor, he started a successful small business before serving 16 years in the state legislature, four years in the State House, followed by 12 years in the State Senate. Congressman Burchett currently serves on the House Foreign Affairs and Transportation & Infrastructure committees.

Burchett has come up as the new face of UFOlogy who criticized the government for UFO-coverup and was not pleased with the Pentagon officials’ testimonies as according to him, there are other witnesses with much better information. Moreover, he stunned everyone during an interview with Ross Coulthard in his new Blockbuster UAP / UFO – Full documentary.

Congressman With Real UFO Photos

Veteran investigative journalists Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel break down the news and speak with credible experts and insiders. The documentary featured important people from all over the US including Representative Tim Burchett.

In the documentary, Rep. Burchett shows Coulthart very clear polaroid photos of a hovering metallic flying saucer on his phone. “I am just saying that I have been briefed by the people. I have talked with the navy pilots who have absolutely nothing to gain by telling me information. You know they have shown me photographs of very unusual and in fact, there is something in our airspace we do not control and that would be very concerning,” he said.

Coulthart also interviews physicist Dr. Garry Nolan, who tells him that “Roswell” indeed happened, and the United States did retrieve alien technology.

Rep. Burchett claimed the search for the truth is being hampered by a lack of transparency, “which isn’t just unfair to the public but it could put the safety of our pilots in jeopardy.” He said: “Plenty of military pilots have reported UAP encounters that have no logical explanation. Some of them have warned it was only a matter of time before an aircraft got into a mid-air collision with an unexplained object.”

On Rob Schmitt Tonight, Congressman Burchett discussed the federal government’s lack of transparency on the existence of UFOs. He said: “It’s bogus. It’s a cover-up. It’s the things that I can’t tell you about that I’ve seen that would really disturb you. It’s a threat to our country’s safety ‘the airspace.’ We did not control it and the Pentagon is basically involved in a cover-up.”

“There’s an arrogance in government at that level that we cannot handle what’s going on out there,” Burchett said on News Nation’s “On Balance with Leland Vittert.”

Tim Burchett is not alone who is saying that UFO disclosure is imminent. Along with him, Luis Elizondo and Professor Garry Nolan tell hidden stories that are really disturbing to hear. According to Nolan, there is a group of people that were involved in recovering UFO debris for secret government programs, and these individuals will soon be coming forward to reveal what they know.

The scientist explained who he thinks has the UFO remains that have been recovered in various incidents like Roswell, and why they have not been released to the public. “These remains went to places like Lockheed and other large aerospace companies, which wanted to profit from them, and a lot of them basically took a bunch of information, pulled it apart, and said, OK, let’s make a profit on this. We are not going to tell Congress what we have because if we do, we may have to share it with McDonnel Douglas (another contractor) or someone else,” Nolan said.

In 2021, he stated to have seen the UFO footage, describing it as showing unidentified floating objects for 23 minutes. He made this revelation while talking to the YouTube channels Fade to Black and Witness Citizen UAP. During the talk, Elizondo revealed that the UFO video was extremely compelling. (Click here to read the full article)

According to Elizondo, the video is said to show multiple UFOs which are moving in different ways and strange “patterns” that humans do not conventionally understand – with data recorded using US military systems.

He also mentioned this video in his interview with GQ. He stated: “It was the overwhelming weight of evidence and data. I was talking to pilots routinely. There’s videos out there [in government, that the public haven’t seen] – there’s one that’s 23 minutes long. There’s another one where this thing is 50 feet away from the cockpit.”

Additionally, what Professor Nolan is referring to is astonishingly tough, proposing new laws now before Congress, which appear likely to be passed within months. There is speculation that there might even be public hearings into UAPs, just like the 1970s Watergate hearings, where whistle-blowers will get their chance to testify under oath.

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