This woman tells us the tale of her mysterious birth and asserts that she is actually an alien hybrid.

Chưa phân loại

Lisa, as many UFO enthusiasts refer to them, is a lady who is confident that she is a human-alien hybrid.

Abductees who have been captured and inseminated by extraterrestrials, mostly women, produce hybrids as a result. The result is the birth of an alien-human hybrid with otherworldly characteristics. Even if the human traits are more prominent, these hybrids see something odd and think something is wrong with them.

Their stunning eyes are one of their defining characteristics. When they look at you, they appear to look deep into your soul.

Additionally, they experience flying and out-of-body states that regularly take them into space, where they may communicate with their alien ancestors. They also have improved psychic and intuitive talents, which is another differentiating feature.

All of these aspects and more characterize Lisa’s experiences.

“I’m here for a cause that’s little different from everyone else’s, but I think there are a lot of people like me,” the speaker said. There is a need for action. We have a big duty to change things.

View the video below to see Lisa describe her experience in person for the first time.


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