Bizarre Ancient Mask Of An Inca God Made From a Material That Is Not Found On Earth Was Recently Found

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The news that strange items had been uncovered off the coast of Florida recently made headlines throughout the globe. Their age was clear, but their provenance remained a mystery. Scientists got their hands on a total of seven artifacts.
They’re all made of iridium, a rare metal that can’t be found on the planet. Of course, this object was made by humans and under quite ordinary circumstances. Iridium is found in great numbers in meteorites that have fallen to Earth. The ancient people apparently saw the “sign” from above and pursued it.


They started to manufacture cult artifacts after obtaining the most valuable stone. The objects were dated and found to be at least 12 thousand years old. Given that iridium is a particularly refractory and hard metal, it is likely that the Incas’ degree of metallurgical development should be reconsidered.
These objects are most likely theirs. Personally, I am certain that ancient civilizations held transcendental wisdom in realms that contemporary humanity has yet to acquire. As a result, there is no question that the masters created these masterpieces over a period of 12 thousand years.


The mask of the deity Viracocha piqued my curiosity the most. It’s barely 1.7 millimeters thick. On the other hand, there is a depiction of a huge god on it, as well as many religious symbols. The Inca civilization was known to be at its peak prior to the advent of the conquistadors.
For clarity, it’s worth noting that the Incas could only deal with gold, silver, and other low-melting metals between 1200 and 1500 AD. Their metallurgical furnaces reached temperatures of almost 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. Iridium must be melted at temperatures near to 2500 degrees.


The picture of the deity Viracocha helps you to pinpoint the product’s origin — it was produced 12 thousand years ago by the Incas. However, according to current history, the Inca Empire was one of the most recent civilizations. It turns out that historians either conceal the truth about the Incas or have limited knowledge of their genuine civilization.
Nothing comes to mind? The Anglo-Saxons obliterated the Indians’ rich past, giving the impression that America was founded on lands populated by illiterate nomadic tribes rather than the extinction of Indian civilizations. A comparable purging was carried out on our knowledge.
History is untrustworthy. Thank God, artifacts aid in the discovery of long-forgotten truths.

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