The day a UFO disintegrated a plane that attacked it

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Among the encounters that military pilots had with UFOs, the “Cuban Jet Event of 1967” stands out. When an unidentified flying object disintegrated a plane that attacked it.

The 1967 Cuban jet event: the moment a UFO disintegrated a plane that attacked it

The  1967 Cuban Jet event  , has an archival record and different government documents. These came to light through a  FOIA process  . However, it also has a government cover-up. Something totally logical if we take into account that the  pilots “disappeared”.

1967 Cuban Jet Event What happened?

An anonymous US Air Force security expert   leaked the report to investigator  Stanton Friedman  . This was after his lecture in 1978.

The witness was a member  of Security Squadron 6947  , in the Florida Keys in 1967, as well as a Spanish-speaking intelligence unit that monitored  Cuban Air Force communications and radar transmitters  during the days following the US crisis.

In March of that year, the unit intercepted Cuban radio traffic, reporting  an unidentified aerial object.

2 MIG-21 fighter planes flew to intercept the  UFO  . Upon arriving at the scene, pilots reported a “  shiny metallic sphere with no visible marks or appendages  ”. He was traveling at over 10,000 meters high, at over 1,000 kilometers per hour.

After an unsuccessful attempt to establish contact, Cuban air defense headquarters  ordered the target to be attacked  . The flight leader replied that he was ready to attack… and then there was no further contact.

Seconds later,  a scream was heard  in the cockpit of the other MIG, saying that the lead aircraft had exploded. Although he later corrected this description to say that he had ”  disintegrated  “.

The UFO then accelerated at a speed far superior to that of the MIGs. It rose to approximately 30,000 meters and continued southwest towards South America.

Regardless of whether the unidentified flying object attacked the plane when it felt threatened, the 1967 Cuban jet event  ended fatally.

The 1967 Cuban jet event: the moment a UFO disintegrated a plane that attacked it

The cover-up of the event

Security Squadron 6947 sent a report from the Intelligence Point to National Security Agency headquarters. Within hours, he was ordered to send  all tapes, records, and data  . In addition to listing the Cuban plane as  lost  due to an “equipment malfunction”.

When Friedman had access to the information, he was given a reporter who passed the data to  Robert Todd  , director of investigations for Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, or CAUS.

Todd requested information from a variety of military and intelligence agencies for 6 months in 1978, to no avail. But in July of that year, he received a visit from  FBI agents  .

They  interviewed him privately  , asking about his past contacts with foreign governments. They also read him about US espionage laws, suggesting a sentence under such codes, which ranged  from life imprisonment to the death penalty  .

While it appears that no further action was taken, the message was clear. Subsequent CAUS requests to the USAF regarding any relevant FBI investigation were met with responses that  could neither deny nor confirm  the existence of such documents.

Undoubtedly, the 1967 Cuban Jet event remains one of the most important mysteries in ufology. In addition to being the possible confirmation of the warlike reach of UFOs.

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