Bizarre Alien Was Recorded On The Moon By The Chinese Lunar Rover

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Aliens is spotted on the moon by a Chinese lunar rover. When the computer dropped an entity to the earth, an invisible insect crawled through the camera frame. Ufologists believe the planet’s natural satellite would spark a real military war with aliens.

Probes and planetary rovers are now exploring the surface. On the back of the satellite, one of them was operating. A 3-meter alien smashed his camera’s lens at some stage.


The alien crouched down, dropped something on the ground, and then moved forward. Ufologists in China spent a long time researching the samples before coming to a surprising conclusion: aliens mined the earth.

According to alternative cosmologists, aliens destroyed the Earth satellite. Extraterrestrial intelligence representatives are attempting to defend the Moon’s location from obnoxious lunar rovers in such a drastic manner.

The aliens are interested in its platinum core, according to Chinese ufologists. The Moon is considered by some geologists and c


hemists to be the solar system’s richest platinum source. It’s not all jewelers that use this metal. It’s commonly used in the design of space technology, especially lasers.

The quest for life on Mars has attracted a variety of Ufologists. According to certain researchers, delegates from Mars developed an interest in lunar platinum.


“Precious metal deposits on the Moon are needed by Mars-based aliens. They plan to create a massive laser that will have an effect on the Earth. This would necessitate a large amount of platinum, much more than our world has.”

Earthlings have two choices: fight for the Moon in the battle with the Martians, or give up the Earth’s satellite and wait for the laser to kill the “blue world.”

Ufologists are asked not to “panic” culture, according to NASA astrophysicists. Several probes orbit Mars, but no grandiose structures have been found. The moon event went unmentioned by scientists.

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