UFO ‘Crash Site’ In Antarctica, Discovered On Google Maps, Feeds Alien Base Conspiracy Theories

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For many years now, speculation by experts in the field has been that the four most common locations aliens build their bases on or nearby Earth are underwatervolcanoes (preferably active), the moon, and in Antarctica.

The logic behind this is two-fold. One, there have been an abundance of UFO sightings around these four types of locations. Two, they are all excellent places to conceal a alien base due to their difficulty in both locating them as well as ability to reach them.

Assuming aliens visiting Earth are far more technologically advanced than we are it would be easier for them to access these locations than it would be for humans.

Also, aliens may have actually build these bases well before humans had any sort of technology, thousands, if not millions of years ago.

Which is why numerous experts in the field of UFOlogy have been keeping a sharp eye on these types of locations ever since the internet went global and became an important tool in their research arsenal.

Antarctica is a hot spot for alien activity, say experts

The latest discovery of a possible alien base once again has occurred in the frozen continent of Antarctica.

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Researchers studying Antarctica recently discovered what they believe is a mysterious “winged craft” on Google Maps images.

The YouTuber who posted video of the discovery stated, “Looks like something MIGHT have landed in the middle of Antarctica leaving a GOUGE in the snow.”

In the video, he adds, “Looks like a black triangle craft. It looks like a boomerang, or what was once a flying machine that landed in the snow out here. You can see the feature of what looks like a winged craft sitting in Antarctica.”

He also describes another object in the video which he says looks “like the shadow of a pyramid.”

Back in September of 2019, prolific UFO researcher Scott Waring also spotted on Google Earth what he believed to be “four underground base facilities” that he stated were “100% proof that alien bases exist in Antarctica.”

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