Evora’s creature: An extraterrestrial giant organism in Portugal

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On November 2, 1959, a strange event shocked the town of Evora, Portugal. They witnessed a mysterious creature, popularly known as the “Evora’s creature,” believed to be an extraterrestrial organism.

Evora’s creature: An extraterrestrial giant organism in Portugal 2
Jellyfish like UFO sighted in the Evora’s sky, November 2, 1959. © Image Credit: Public Domain

It all started after the appearance of a UFO in the city. Joaquim Guedes do Amaral, the director of the School of Industry and Commerce, was at work when his colleagues alerted him to an unusual object hovering above Evora.

Professor Amaral used a telescope to get a better observation at the object. Half an hour later, another UFO appeared, this time like a jellyfish. This object shook and traveled across the sky at breakneck speed, occasionally halting and continuing. It ultimately came to a halt, hovering in the air for approximately half an hour before taking off again at tremendous speed.

Evora’s creature: An extraterrestrial giant organism in Portugal 3
© Image Credit: Public Domain

Mysterious white gelatinous strands began to spill out throughout the region as soon as this occurred. It almost completely covered everything with a thick white layer.

People were evacuated. The odd creature was sampled by the military and scientists from the University of Lisbon. Despite the fact that its construction was delicate and difficult to put together. Analyses have revealed that this is a single-celled creature, potentially a microbe with unknown properties. What really caused it to appear?

Evora’s strange creature

Within four hours, a peculiar white “web” had fallen. Professor Joaquim Conceiçao and one of his friends named Silva were receiving flying training at the Sintra Facility at the time. They also witnessed the events that took place on that day. The military, Conceiçao, and Silva all corroborated these events. Years later, Professor Joaquim rose to the position of Chief of Staff of the Portuguese Air Force.

Later, Professor Amaral contacted Eugenio, Conceiçao’s father, who was a member of the French Astronomical Society. They were both doing experiments on a bizarre material that looked to be a creature.

When the plates were put for analysis, it was discovered that the material was heat and electric resistant. This is not characteristic of any known microbe on the planet. This research resulted in the creation of a report that detailed the following:

Evora’s creature: An extraterrestrial giant organism in Portugal 4
Part of the documentation on Evora’s existence. Basic information was lost in a mysterious fire. © Image Credit: hackthematrix.it

“The microorganism Evora was about 4 mm in size, consisting of tentacles. Actively exhibits protective reactions to laboratory plates. Subsequent studies have shown that its tentacles can withstand pressures of up to 350 grams.

At the beginning of the observation, it had different colors. The central body was yellow, with intensely red tentacles, at the same time the colors changed, giving a brownish yellow color. Which was getting darker and darker. The tentacles were formed by parallel filaments connected by a gelatinous substance. Each thread was transparent. Inside, one could see little bodies that grew larger over time.

The threads were projected forcefully onto the glass plate to create a perfectly contoured line of contact. There was a mouth-shaped opening in the center of the central body, around very delicate designs. There may be folds or cracks in the substance of which it is composed. These observations were carried out for 2 years until the tentacles and the central body finally disintegrated.”

The origin theory

Evora’s creature: An extraterrestrial giant organism in Portugal 5
© Image Credit: Public Domain

Several academics and researchers claimed that Evora’s monster was “a weird organism utterly unknown to terrestrial biology.” This is the first found indication of alien life.

Francisco Mouran Correa, Portugal’s coordinator of exopolitics, Javier Sierra, and numerous scientists and UFO experts meticulously researched this case and developed this idea.

Professors from the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon disrupted Professor Joaquim Amaral’s studies at the faculty, forcing him not to divulge any information to the press.

In 1978, a fire destroyed proof that the creature from Evora existed at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Lisbon. Surprisingly, the firefighters were unable to extinguish the flames that had risen up around the microbe.

It is still unknown what happened to the investigation or what or who sparked the fire. And whether or not they were delegated to another department. Everything points to this being an attempt to suppress an extraterrestrial phenomenon.

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