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Thousands of small businesses have closed in the United States and around the world due to stringent lockdowns and other health restrictions caused by official government policies related to the Covid 19 virus. Such business closures would normally result in a surplus of workers in a labor market. depressed, where wages are contracting as millions of people compete for fewer available jobs. However, the opposite happened in the United States, which left economists and financial experts very perplexed.

Today, thousands of companies are desperate for work and offer bonuses and incentives for hiring new workers. Here’s how Newsweek explains the current situation in the United States:

“The labor shortage was a reversal of the previous impact of the pandemic on work. Initially, COVID-19 devastated the working class and parts of the middle class of the private sector; tough blockades imposed in many places have caused the permanent closure of more than a third of small businesses and decimated the service sector.

But as the economy has recovered, despite high unemployment of over 6% and over 8 million fewer jobs, there is a shortage of workers, including 7.4 million job vacancies. The manufacturing sector has been particularly affected, as explained by Arvind Kaushal, a manufacturing analyst at Booz & Company, who says it is not possible to fill as many as 600,000 new jobs in the manufacturing sector. In particular, there is a shortage of welders, and this should worsen so that by 2024 as many as 400,000 welding jobs will not be covered. ”

What is causing the labor shortage, especially in the manufacturing sector which involves skilled jobs like welders? Are there massive construction projects underway behind the scenes that divert hundreds of thousands of welders and other construction workers to classified facilities? The answer to these questions is literally out of this world.

In early September, I received information from Val Nek, a representative of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, as reported by one of his contacts, Megan Rose. In your September 7 update, you said the Federation was helping humanity build a Starfleet, as well as new bases on the Moon and in Earth’s orbit for planetary defense.

ValNek said, “As you know, I have worked with US military officers to train and implement a fleet to protect and defend Earth. I want to reiterate that we have implemented technology to protect planet Earth. Starfleet, as you call it, is designed with higher density technology, making many of the new ships undetectable by the enemy. The enemy is unable to track or locate these ships due to the increased frequency. Ships have the ability to materialize and dematerialize in a lower density when needed. This technology was given to Grounders and must be constructed / produced by Grounders [in] in accordance with Federation laws. ”

Importantly, Val Nek has identified the United States as the leader in creating a combined planetary defense force, as decided in the Jupiter Accords reached in July 2021. Val Nek’s information is even more crucial to understanding that even if the Galactic Federation can help humanity by sharing advanced defense-related technologies, these must be built by humanity, aka “earthly” to comply with the Federation Prime Directive.

All this defense construction is done secretly and in remote places like the Moon. Hence the need for hundreds of thousands of workers, particularly welders, to build the ships, bases and technologies that would be part of a planetary defense force, also known as Starfleet. This raises the question of how could so many workers be secretly shipped to the moon?

In my September 10 article commenting on Val Nek’s information, I cited one of my longtime sources, JP, who currently serves with the United States Army and claims that he and other military personnel have carried out a large number of classified missions related to building the moon. He revealed that hybrid shuttles have been built that combine human and extraterrestrial technologies to transport significant numbers of personnel and resources to and from the Moon. I further explained that JP’s testimony is independent evidence confirming Val Nek’s information.

In a subsequent 9/11 update, Val Nek revealed even more about the covert construction activities occurring on the Moon:

Now I can report that the Lunar Operations Command is in the process of being remodeled into a medical facility for the Earth’s army. There are technologies, as you know, that are being produced. I repeat once again that these technologies are advanced Federation technologies and are produced by the Earth people. The technology that will be featured in Lunar Operations Command is medical technologies. It will be used as a medical base for the land army.

Advanced health technologies would be vital for a planetary defense force equipped to fight against an extraterrestrial invasion force. What is happening in addition to the construction of medical facilities and technologies for the “ground military” is that these advanced technologies are also being built to be released to the rest of humanity, the “terrestrial people”.

As in the case of the construction of advanced military technologies, advanced health technologies should be built by the “earth people”, in accordance with the Prime Directive of the Galactic Federation.

The mass production of advanced health technologies for both the combined military forces of the “Earth Alliance” – aka the Earth Army / Starfleet – and the rest of humanity would also require many thousands of workers.

Given the scale of what is being mass produced on the Moon in terms of spacecraft and planetary defense bases and medical technologies for both military and civilian use, Val Nek’s insights have provided a hint to the puzzling question of why the United States they were experiencing a shortage of labor, especially of welders.

Upon receiving this information, I wondered if all this covert mass production on the Moon could be linked to labor shortages around the world. I asked Val Nek and received his response via Megan on September 18th as follows:

Indeed, we need more staff to complete these projects. They are projects that are large-scale and indeed require a lot of workers, as you call them. Although the Federation is not responsible for recruiting, I cannot confirm where exactly the staff are from. But I can say that it is likely that they are also recruiting for a military presence in space, as there is a shortage there too. Corporations are also likely to start offering competitive wages and advantages as they mass-produce these machines. They will likely require a lot of staff with a knowledge of science and physics. That’s all. I salute you.

Val Nek is here confirming that many workers, which would include skilled workers such as welders, are needed to build the various technologies and facilities for a planetary defense force. This would include both a real “star fleet” as well as advanced medical technologies for widespread use in both the military and civilian sectors.

The scenario that appears to unfold today, according to information from Val Nek, has eerie similarities to what was depicted in the film Independence Day: Resurgence. In it, humanity fought against an extraterrestrial invasion force and over the next twenty years built a full planetary defense force. Before the invaders returned, a positive group of extraterrestrials approached, offering help in our planetary defense. Was the film a soft revelation from White Hats / Earth Alliance for the situation we currently face as a planet?

There has been a certain skepticism towards the information released by Val Nek through Megan Rose. The information is surprising, but it provides a very plausible explanation of why there is a labor shortage in the United States and around the world right now. The fact that welders are prominent among missing U.S. workers is powerful circumstantial evidence to support Val Nek’s information that a planetary defense force, a Starfleet, is secretly being built on the Moon and other construction facilities under the leadership of the United States.

It is highly unlikely that such a secret will last very long, suggesting that we are about to see a staggering series of revelations in the coming months, in which many advanced technologies, with both military and health applications, will be released to the world.


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