The SDO Space PROBE records a HUGE UFO that comes out of the SUN and launches into SPACE

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Images captured on October 11, 2021 by NASA\’s SDO-AIA 171 space probe, show a huge spherical object that appears to emerge from the STARGATE SUN until it is projected into space.

According to NASA, the strange spherical object is actually a type of solar activity called a protuberance, a type of solar activity, which is normally attached to the Sun before being projected into space, like the infamous 2012 U̳F̳O̳ / prominence image.

But the object captured on 11 October 2021 is not attached to the sun, we first see an elongated shadow moving through the plasma clouds before the actually spherical object becomes visible. So instead of a prominence, it could have been a huge spaceship that used the SUN as a PORTAL or StarGate.

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