MARS, discovered a PYRAMID and other ANCIENT RUINS in the GALE Crater area

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What do we know about Mars? We know that the planet could once be inhabited, as confirmed by former NASA administrator Charles Bolden, who was fired only for saying that Mars was once similar to Earth and could be inhabited by alien life forms. Mars is much more like Earth than any other known planet. Indeed, over the past two decades, scientists have changed their minds about Mars drastically. Today, we know that Mars millions of years ago was something like a “second Earth” when our solar system was much younger.

Thanks to the numerous space probes sent to Mars, scientists have discovered that there is liquid water on the red planet. Experts have found that in the distant past, Mars had huge oceans of liquid water, lakes, rivers and an atmosphere that was eerily similar to that of Earth today.

But what about life? Is there any possibility that Mars was inhabited by advanced alien civilizations in the distant past? If there is only a slight possibility that Mars was home to very advanced alien beings, wouldn’t these beings have been able to create structures, monuments and buildings similar to those found on Earth? If so, there is some chance that we have found such structures on Mars today. Pyramids, domes, the sphinx of Cydonia and many other structures show that Mars could have been inhabited.

The images we show you have been analyzed by the researcher and space anomaly hunter called ArtAlienTV. The photograph taken a long time ago by the Rover Curiosity and shows an inaccessible area located in the center of the Gale Crater, or Mount Sharp (Aeolis Mons) epicenter of the Gale crater which is about 154 km in diameter.

In the photographs from the Curiosity rover and presented by ArtAlienTV, we see what appears to be a pyramid inside the Gale Crater. The pyramid appears to be about 300 feet tall (91 meters) high. A long bunker-shaped structure and a small dolmen seem to be buried a short distance from the Pyramid (images Sol 1355 and 1931).

“When looking at images from other planets you need an open mind, one day our survival may depend on it,” says ArtAlien. “My image enhancements are always displayed next to the official raw images to show that they are well within the limits of a sensible investigation and analysis.” While there is talk these days of the evidence on the existence of an ancient alien civilization on Mars that has been kept hidden from humanity, there are many images of possible artificial objects on the red planet.



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