Chưa phân loại

The sensational images that we present were recorded in October 2021 in the United States, exactly in Condado Cook (Illinois) and in North Carolina, where the external cameras of some houses, recorded the presence of SPHERES OF LIGHT (or spheres of energy) that flew undisturbed out into the garden.

The recordings reached the U̳F̳O̳logists after the reports of the inhabitants themselves who denounced the presence of the mysterious spheres of light flying at low altitude near the houses, captured by infrared cameras.

In a report presented by Mexican researcher Carlos Clemente, the first video, the one recorded in Condado Cook in Illinois on October 14, 2021, can be seen a spherical object that gives off a powerful glow and an energy field that can be observed in its circumference. . The sphere of light coming from the left of the video flies over the garden of a house at a low altitude and stops as if intrigued by observing a small tricycle.

The other video recorded in North Carolina, we can observe a small sphere of light, certainly a few centimeters in diameter, which, taken by the infrared camera, passes a short distance from the entrance door of the house. The sphere of light seems to emit a small reflection, giving the sensation of a doubling of the same sphere. After passing in front of the house, the sphere of energy heads towards a small house not far away. Then the sphere disappears into thin air, making it lose its traces.

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