The JFK-UFO Saga Continues: Conspiracy or Bizarre Coincidences?

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In 1997 one of the most controversial of all UFO books – ever – was published. Its title: The Day after Roswell. Penned by Bill Birnes (of UFO Hunters and UFO Magazine) and the late Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso, it told of Corso’s alleged knowledge of alien technology, artifacts and bodies in the hands of the U.S. military. At the time of his death in 1998, and at the age of 83, Corso was planning on writing another book: The Day after Dallas. The rumor was that Corso’s next book would show how UFOs and the death of JFK were interlinked.    Not everyone saw Corso as the clean and shiny character he presented. Some in Ufology viewed his Roswell story as a cover-story to hide something else: top secret, high-altitude experiments undertaken on prisoners and handicapped people in the post-Second World War period.

Moving on, back in the 1950s, U.S. Senator Richard Russell paid a visit to the Soviet Union. At the time, Russell was the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. The date was October 4, 1955. Russell had a profound UFO encounter – which revolved around a pair of UFOs – while the train he was on was negotiating Russia’s Trans-Caucasus area. Both the CIA and the Air Force took serious notice of what Russell had to say. Official records on the matter state that Russell “saw the first flying disc ascend and pass over the train.” We’re also told: “One disc ascended almost vertically, at a relatively slow speed, with its outer surface revolving slowly to the right, to an altitude of about 6000 feet, where its speed then increased sharply as it headed north. The second flying disc was seen performing the same actions about one minute later. The take-off area was about 1-2 miles south of the rail line…all three saw the second disc and all agreed that they saw the same round, disc-shaped craft as the first.”

From 1963 to 1964, Senator Russell was a member of the “Warren Commission” (actually, the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy) that sought to find answers to who killed JFK. For the commission, the assassin was Oswald. And there’s more to come on Oswald. In October 1962, he began working for a Texas company by the name of Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall, a graphic arts company. In his book, Conspiracy, Anthony Summers wrote that JCS’s work was focused on “material obtained by the very U-2 planes Oswald had once watched in Japan, and only employees with a special security clearance were supposed to see it.” In 2013, the BBC noted: “The U-2 was one of the Cold War’s most infamous aircraft, a plane designed to fly over unfriendly territory too high for enemy fighters or missiles, and take pictures of unparalleled detail – and, as it has just been revealed, helped spur the development of the secret Area 51 airbase.”

No-one can doubt or deny that directly tying the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to issues relative to UFOs and aliens is guaranteed to provoke a wealth of controversy, hoots of derision, and the rolling of eyes. That doesn’t mean we should ignore such incredible claims. The main reason being that even a cursory look at the available material is highly suggestive. Consider what we know from 1947 to when New Orleans’ District Attorney Jim Garrison was trying to make a case for a conspiracy in the killing of JFK. In 1947, Fred Crisman was at the beginning of the UFO phenomenon. He was also fingered as an assassin at Dealey Plaza, Dallas in 1963. Garrison had his eyes on Crisman throughout much of 1968.

FBI agent and, later, private detective, Guy Banister was tied to Kennedy’s death and, in 1947, was briefed – in a closed-room, no less – about the then-secret status of the UFO phenomenon. Banister and Garrison knew each other well. Senator Richard Russell – of the Warren Report that studied JFK’s death – received a secret briefing on UFOs, by the CIA, in 1955. A connection can be made between Lee Harvey Oswald and Area 51, by way of Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall and the U-2 spy-plane. Philip Corso, in the late 1990s, was on the verge of getting to work on a book showing a UFO-JFK link. And only one day before he was shot down in Dallas, Kennedy met with personnel from two facilities with known connections to UFOs: Fort Detrick and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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