Lost Cargo Ship SS Cotopaxi Came Back After 90 Years?

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The Cuban Coast Guards has said that they’d captured a ghost ship heading for the island, which is acknowledged to be the SS Cotopaxi. It was gone missing 90 years from today in December 1925 and has since been associated to the tales of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

WHO IT HAPPENED?The Cuban coast guards noticed the ship on May 16, last year near a restrained navy zone, west of Havana. They made many ineffective attempts to keep in touch with the ship and its crew, and in the end when no answer was received, they mobilized three patrol boats to capture the ghost ship.


When the patrol boats encircled the ship and launched a search operation on it, they were shocked to see that the ship was certainly a nearly 100-year old historical steamer acknowledged as the SS Cotopaxi, a label notably connected to the tales of the Bermuda Triangle.

​There no humans on board, no captain, no crew, nothing, and it was noticed that the ship was not controlled or used by anybody since ages. But it was quite sure that the steamer was a tramp freighter gone missing in 1925.


The ship was all abandoned since ages and after an extensive research, they finally managed to find the Captain’s logbook. Certainly, related to the Clinch field Navigation Company, but the owners of the ship has not file any claims or event hasn’t introduced any clue regarding what occurred to the ship over the last 90 years.


It was the 29 day of November in 1925, when the SS Cotopaxi left the Charleston port in South Carolina, and directed toward Havana, Cuba.

There were 32 crew members on board and were under the command of Captain W. J. Meyer, and used to be carrying a cargo to Caribbean. It was 2340 ton of coal.

The ship was once defer to missing two days later, and was missing for close to 90 years and nobody even talked about the ship in past 90 years that it was found or something.

The mysterious reappearance of the SS Cotopaxi has, nevertheless, already created a lot of attention in the scientific area and would push some experts to change their intellect on the field.

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