The Moon may be an artificial Alien observatory brought here to keep an eye on Earth

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If you didn’t realize, one of the most common hypotheses of the moment is by far that our own satellite isn’t real. Many claim it is a structure created and brought by aliens to spy on humanity.

The first person ever to lead the Lunar Exploration Commission itself, Dr. Jastrow, claimed that the Moon is actually “the Rosetta stone of worlds,” which itself is, to put it lightly, quite a declaration.

According to certain scientists who believe in this hypothesis, the rugged layer we find ourselves just three miles outside of its surface. The remainder of its shell consists of some form of robust metal or a chemical portion, which allows it to withstand the impacts of incoming asteroids or comets quite easily.

In 1969, the US had decided to show this by constructing a module and sending it to the Moon to see what the implications would be. According to them, this blast was equivalent to more than a thousand kilograms of TNT.

In comparison to what the team predicted, though the Moon sounded more like a massive bell, with its echo just over half an hour after the initial burst.

Ken Johnson said that for half an hour the Moon itself vibrated, as though it had a massive hydraulic damper inside.

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