Is There Proof That The Anunnaki Dug For Gold In Africa?

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According to the old Anunnaki astronaut theory, these extraterrestrial aliens were responsible for the origin of humanity. They blended human DNA with Anunnaki DNA because they required laborers to harvest gold from the Earth. As a result, the man was in charge of mining the material from the planet’s depths.

Gold’s significance to the Anunnaki gods

The tale of the Anunnaki and their pivotal role in creating man centers on pursuing one of the world’s most desired minerals, gold. According to legend, these extraterrestrial creatures need gold to restore the failing atmosphere of their home planet Nibiru.

The Anunnaki discovered a significant supply of the mineral they need on the planet we now name Earth. They employed the labor of the Igigi, lesser gods within their species, to remove them.

According to mythology, because the Igigi gods were juvenile deities, they were constantly subject to the elder Anunnaki gods. The Anunnaki were left without employees due to the Igigi revolt, necessitating the development of a new way of life to replace them. The gods then chose to create humans, leaving the desire for gold that distinguishes us deeply embedded in our genes.

Where in Africa were the Anunnaki gold mines?

Interestingly, there are tales in traditional African mythology similar to those of the Anunnaki gods and their haste to harvest gold from the Earth. The Abzu, or Sumerian lower world, is supposed to have been located in what is now known as southern Africa. It was in this area that people dug deep for gold.

The Sumerian lower world is not to be confused with the underworld or Hades of Greek mythology. Instead, it is a split of the Earth along the northern and southern hemispheres that unavoidably places the nether realm on today’s African continent.

Mining operations in Africa

The Anunnaki gods carried out most of their gold mining efforts in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, in Africa. Indeed, ancient astronaut scholars say that similar mining activities existed in modern-day Great Zimbabwe. This explains why Africa is still one of the most profitable areas for land mining today. The African landscape is rich in precious minerals, the most notable of which are gold and diamond.

Evidence of the Anunnaki gods’ mining activities in Africa

Many historic mines and huge shafts have been discovered in Africa, where the ancient presence of workers is highly valued. All of these places are rich in gold and other rare materials, which the Anunnaki gods required to carry out their planet’s rebuilding plans. Instruments, tools, and technologies that were not known or used at the time were discovered.

The vast Anunnaki city, a metropolis of more than 1,500 square kilometers, appears to be one of the most recent findings confirming this idea. This ancient metropolis, maybe 200 thousand years old, is located in South Africa, roughly 150 kilometers west of the port of Maputo.

A fantastic mining area

This entire region is part of a much bigger community, covering around 10,000 square kilometers, and has vital signs of being established a long time ago.

The astonishing amount of gold deposit covering the entire location sticks out the most in this unique find. In this ancient city, researcher and author Michael Tellinger recount discovering the ruins of a vast metropolis in his book African Temples of the Anunnaki: The Lost Technologies of Enki’s Gold Mines.

The photos below depict some of the remnants reported by Tellinger:

Everything points to an ancient culture living and mining for gold in this isolated location. If that’s the case, this is the earliest evidence of human activity yet discovered. The most apparent inquiry is, “What did a 200,000-year-old culture do with all the gold they gathered from this region?”

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