Videos: UFO Camouflage? Rare Clouds That Look Like UFOs Or Is It Really A UFO Camouflage?

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Different UFO enthusiasts are convinced that aliens are hiding behind the big cloud. And that the clouds should just their cover, with which they can discreetly observe people. However, experts are more skeptical about this theory.

Such a view of the sky, it do not often comes along. This is an interesting, quite rare, lenticular clouds or almond shaped. Even has its name – altocumulus lenticularis. It occurs when air rises rapidly through the topographic barrier

Simply put: if the airflow obstructed, such as high mountains, begins to rise and condensed. This provides the cloud, often consisting of two or more layers. When to add extra shine and illuminate them nicely, they may resemble massive fixed object, such as a UFO. Beauty!

Or is it really a UFO camouflage?

A video shows what claimed is a disc-shaped object flying behind a small gap in the clouds before it quickly vanishes.

It has been a long-held alien conspiracy theory that flying saucers. Known as “cloaked UFOs” can conceal themselves with an artificial cloud.

The footage believed to have filmed over North America – but no further details provided.

It not the first “UFO sighting” said to have cloaked.

Thousands of people were left baffled. After they believed they had spotted an alien city floating above China.

Previously, another YouTuber claimed to have a video showing a massive Star Wars UFO flying behind clouds above Peru.

Footage also emerged of a UFO allegedly destroying a strip of chemtrail clouds left by a plane over Paris.

But sceptics argue that the so-called cloaked UFOs just odd-shaped clouds themselves.

For example lenticular clouds often appear in the shape of UFOs. And it is just a natural phenomenon.

Scott C Waring – who runs the blog UFO Sightings Daily – said: “UFOs do hide within clouds of their own making.”

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