“They’re coming” – Thousands of people received strange postcards with bizarre symbols and Roswell phone number

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Today I found that thousands of people in the United States, Canada and Europe received strange postcards in the mail. It says “They’re coming” with a bunch of strange symbols and numbers.

One set of numbers appears to be a phone number, with an area code of approximately Roswell, NM. When we called it, we were met with 30 seconds of strange static, clicking, and wind-whooshing noises before being disconnected. The noises are the exact same every time we call.

I did some research and I found that people on Reddit are discussing verry serious aboout this topic, everyone presenting their postacrd.

A reddit users said:
“Calling the number today, the recording is different. There’s now a voice saying “There’s something weird going on”.

Does anyone have any idea what this is?

There are several theories.

Some people believe that the governments are prearing us for A̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ disclosure, I want to remind you that in June they will declassify many files, as they announced.

Other people believe that the governments are working on a false flag, a fake A̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ invasion that is supposed to make us panic, to make us want to unite. This is a big global plan, the global reset.

But there are also people who believe that it’s just marketing. Why would I announce thousands of people from 2 continents that a shop or something will open soon, without even mentioning the name or location? Duh…


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