A bizarre Alien-like creature that looks like a Giant Pipe was just captured on film (video)

UFOs & Alien

You could think that the inflated tube you see in front of your eyes right now is an inflatable tube, but you’d be wrong. This isn’t an item by any means, but it’s also not an extraterrestrial, according to zoologists.

The Pirossomo, or “Fiery Body,” is a network of little organisms known as zooids that function in perfect harmony to manage the body.

When they link, they become one with one another, and they effectively constitute the matrix that governs the gelatinous tube-like body in perfect synchrony.

This system contains hundreds upon thousands of zooids, and it is known as the Fiery Body due to its luminous nature. When a predator approaches, its body literally lights up, and because it lives deep underwater, the brightness momentarily stuns any predator.

It’s around 12 meters long and feeds on water particles every single second throughout the day.

If you want to see it for yourself, you can find it approximately 500-700 meters below sea level, but we wouldn’t encourage it because your chances of making it back to the surface without adequate swimming gear are little to none.


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