Move Over NASA —- NADA is Here


Imagine walking through the streets of New York city, Chicago, LA or any other large city in the US and seeing people wear shirts that say “FDA” or “SEC” or let’s just call it “Government” shirts. The NASA clothing has become a bit of a symbol for young people, especially millenials.

But do you trust this so-called space administration? They’ve been caught lying multiple times and falsifying images of parts of our galaxy. So why are they trusted? And better yet, why are people wearing clothing to represent them?

NASA Hidden Agenda Part 1
NASA Hidden Agenda Part 2

So much for a fashion statement. You won’t catch me wearing a logo or symbol that has Nazi roots as Nasa does (read here). You won’t find me interested in purchasing a shirt, hat or anything with the serpents tongue on it.

Enter NADA — Space Administration.

NADA t-shirt to combat NASA ignorance.

Now you can represent the truth. That NASA is NADA space administration and that they’ve been lying to us all along. You can get NADA swag for your shirt, your phone or anything else.

The NASA space wearers walking around blindly need something to question and challenge their beliefs in this indoctrinated system. Be that person, wear that shirt.

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