CIA Astrally Projected A Woman to Mars Declassified Documents Show

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The CIA library online database has a few hidden and forgotten gems. One was discovered and reported by the M̳y̳s̳t̳e̳r̳i̳o̳u̳s̳ Universe podcast. Did you know that the CIA had [probably still have!] secret projects that studied remote viewing and other psychic abilities? At the time secret, now the documents are declassified and openly available to the public. One of the documents describes sending a psychic to Mars via astral projection back in time. Not only did the experiment work, what the subject saw is a lot more than anyone expected.

Astrally Projecting to Mars

The document is called “Mars Exploration: May 22, 1984.” It is available here, and unless you knew what it was about, the title likely would not catch your attention.

In 1984, the subject (likely with psychic abilities) was given a sealed envelope. In a simple note with instructions:

The planet Mars. Time of interest approximately 1 million years B.C.

The envelope was not opened until after the experiment. The subject was only able to ask verbally for selected geographic coordinates.

After this little instruction, the subject started speaking about what they were seeing.

Tall A̳l̳i̳e̳n̳s, Obelisk, and Pyramids

What the subject saw first clouds, dust storms, and an “aftereffect of a major geological problem.”

The subject was then guided to look at what happened before the geological problem.

That is when the subject saw tall beings.

[Subject]: … I’m seeing, ah … It’s like a perception of a shadow of people, very tall … thin, it’s only a shadow. It’s as if they were there and they’re not, not there anymore.

[Monitor]: Go back to a period of time where they are there.

Sub: … Um … (mumble) It’s like I get a lot of static on a line and everything, it’s breaking up all the time, very fragmentary pieces.

Mon: Just report the data, don’t try to put things together, just report the raw data.

Sub: I just keep seeing very large people. They appear thin and tall, but they’re very large. Ah … wearing some kind of strange clothes.

Structures and Pyramids

Staying in the same time period, they were then asked to find physical locations. The subject described structures with smooth walls made of stone and tall ceilings.

Sub: …Deep inside a…canyon…I’m looking up, up the sides of a steep wall that seem to go on forever. And there’s like…a’s like a wall of the canyon itself has been carved.

Sub:…It’s like a rabbit warren, corners of rooms, they’re really huge…Perception is that the ceiling is very high, walls very high. 

The subject was asked to move to another location, and they saw a marker at the end of a large road in the shape of an obelisk similar to the Washington Monument.

They then astrally traveled to mountains, a strange intersection of roads, carved channeled, and they described the horizon where they saw pointed tops. The structures looked like pyramids.

Sub: See pyramids… they’re huge… They’re like shelters from storms.

Sub: [inside the pyramids] Different chambers…both they’re almost stripped of any kind of…furnishings or anything, it’s like…strictly functional place for…hibernation, some form…I get real raw inputs, storms, savage storm, and sleeping through storms. 

They were asked to go back and described what kind of people or beings lived in these pyramids.

Sub: Very tall…very large…people. But they’re thin, they look thin because of their height and they dress…it’s like a real light silk, but it’s not flowing type of clothing, it’s like cut to fit.

E̳n̳v̳i̳r̳o̳n̳m̳e̳n̳t̳a̳l̳ Problems Ruined Them

Sub: They’re A̳n̳c̳i̳e̳n̳t̳ people. They’re…dying, it’s past their time or age. 

Sub: They’re very philosophical about it. They’re looking for…a way to survive and they just can’t.

Sub: Can’t seem to get their way out, they just can’t seem to find their way out…so they’re hanging on while they look or wait for something to return or something coming with the answer…

Sub: A group or a party of them that went to find…a new place to live. IT’s like I’m getting all kinds of overwhelming input of the…corruption of their environment. It’s like failing very rapidly and this group went somewhere, like a long way to find another place to live. 

Where did the few Martians escape to? 

Lastly the subject was asked to describe the group that left and where did they go.

It looks like the inside of a larger boat. Very rounded walls and shiny metal.

Sub:…Impressions of a really crazy place with volcanoes and gas pockets and strange plants, very volatile place, it’s very much like going from the frying pan into the fire. Difference is there seems to be a lot of vegetation where the other place did not have it. A different kind of storm.

That is where the astral projection ended. The subject was guided back to our present time, and everything was recorded for CIA documentation. Full transcript, which was released in 2000, can be read here.

The CIA documents are worth looking through for information about similar experiments, and projects that explored other paranormal phenomena as well.

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